Monday, November 05, 2007

Maahi ve...mohabbatan sachiyan ne...mangda naseeban kuch aur hai

I think love is a priviledge. Lets exclude even true love. Just love. Everyone wants it, some don't get it n some 'cant'. If you have love in your life, consider yourselves very very fortunate. Even if its the dating period. Even if you somewhere know that it won't last. Cherish it. Cz you're blessed.

It's strangest when love is in your face but you cant accept it. It's strange when you are chasing a love you know you wont get. Love is strange. I wont agree that love knows no bounds. It does. Like everything in life, it too is a ploy of circumstances. Even living in a fantasy world doesn't help much. It just makes it all still look good.

Love can be there in life in various forms. But what we all wait for is that one love. Your love. The only thing which matters at the end of the day in this life. And you might not even get to get it. Im not talking of getting it, im talking of getting to get it. Get that?

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